Multi-Family Properties

Multifamily Acquisitions

Our current focus is on multifamily real estate investments located in stable and emerging markets in the Southeastern and Southwestern United States, that are within our specific parameters for price, size, location, condition, and rate-of-return.

Through our strategic partnering we are able to leverage the skills, market knowledge and experience of our partners, and combine these with our own experience, creativity, discipline, and dogged determination to flawlessly execute on every project.

A typical investment is $100,000 - $500,000+

Our Multi-family Properties

Perimeter 294

34 Units

Atlanta, Georgia

Cypress Cove RV & Marina

83 Boat Slips

34 RV Lots and 10 Tiny Homes

Taj Mahal Apartments

104 Units

Forest Park, GA

Gardens @ Park West

104 Units

Forest Park, GA

Owned Since 6/19/19

Perimeter 294

34 Units

Atlanta, GA

Owned Since 12/16/20

Briar Hill 563

88 Units

Riverdale, GA

Owned Since 6/21/21

Clement Ave

66 Units

Goose Creek, SC

Owned Since 8/4/23